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The Lost Boys (Image: WarnerMedia)
But to honor filmmaker Joel Schumacher, who passed away last month, VSF returned for "one night only" with five favorite Schumacher films (and leaving nothing to debate about what their top pick is)- and we're including the trailers to make things a little easier: The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Falling Down, Tigerland, and Phone Booth: A look[...]
The Lost Boys, Falling Down Top 5 Best Joel Schumacher Films
Here's a comprehensive list of my top 5 must-see Schumacher films that best demonstrates his passion for filmmaking. Colin Farrell in Tigerland (2000) and Phone Booth (2002) Samuel L Jackson in A Time to Kill (1996), Michael Douglas in Falling Down (1993), and Jason Patric in The Lost Boys (1987) (Images Courtesy of 20th Century Studios[...]