Pint Size Heroes

Funko Marvel 10th Anniversary Pint Size Heroes 1

Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Funko Pint Size Heroes Hit Stores This Fall

Marvel Studios is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, in case you haven't heard. Funko has already produced quite a bit of product to help with the celebration, but this might be the best yet. A new wave of Pint Size Heroes will be hitting stores this fall, and they look incredible. Even the most […]

Rick and Morty Gets 2 New Vynl Sets from Funko

Funko has been spoiling Rick and Morty fans. There are so many different figures out now that it has to be tough to keep up with. Well, collectors, here are two more sets for you to track down. Two new Vynl two-packs will be in stores this coming month. The first features Seal Team Rick […]

Disney Pint Size Heroes and Star Wars Pop Three Pack Are Coming From Funko

Disney and Star Wars seem to have new Funko products announced constantly. Today is no different, as Disney characters come to life in a new wave of Pint Size Heroes, and the Death Star crew gets time to shine in a brand new Pop three pack. First we will look at the Walmart exclusive Death […]

Funko Pop Disney Snow White Dopey

Snow White Is Celebrating Its 80th Anniversary, And Funko Is Helping

Snow White is turning 80 this year, yet she hardly looks a day over 20. Plenty of merchandise is coming out to celebrate, but Funko is going all out with a new wave of Pops and the ever-growing line of Pint Size Heroes as well. Disney's classic film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  is our […]

Funko Announces A New Kind Of Hero…Pint Size!

Funko is at it again! Today the dynamite collectible company announced their new line entitled, "Pint Size Heroes." They're one part POP! Vinyl and one part Dorbz shrunk down to a 1.5" size. In true Funko fashion, they're not only giving us one series to pine over but three, which will release over the next […]