Rick and Morty Gets 2 New Vynl Sets from Funko

Funko has been spoiling Rick and Morty fans. There are so many different figures out now that it has to be tough to keep up with. Well, collectors, here are two more sets for you to track down.

Two new Vynl two-packs will be in stores this coming month. The first features Seal Team Rick along with everyone's favorite side character, Scary Terry. Seriously: that Scary Terry looks amazing. The other two-pack features yet another version of Rick, this time in a sombrero, and Unity.

Adult Swim's critically acclaimed animated series Rick and Morty
is the latest to join Funko Vynl.!

There's no I in Vynl. – because there's always two of them!

Vynl.: Rick and Morty – Seal Team Rick and Scary Terry

"You can run, but you can't hide …"

When bouncing between dimension, you're bound to run into a few bad guys.
Introducing two of Rick and Morty's most
popular villains: Scary Terry and Seal Team Rick.
Add an extra edge to your collection with this professional boogeyman and Citadel militant.

Vynl.: Rick and Morty – Rick with Sombrero and Unity

Rick with Sombrero and Unity introduce Unity to your collection
and let the hive-mind assimilation begin!
Where there is Unity, you know a Rick isn't too far behind.
Bring your Vynl. together with the ultimate on and off-again duo.

Collectors are really going to be in trouble if Funko ever decides to make tons of Pocket Morty figures. Sounds like a good idea for a line of Pint-Size Heroes, no?

You can preorder both of these Vynl packs here.

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