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Review: Games Workshop's "Aeronautica Imperialis"
Instead, the board is based solely on a hexagonal grid system to measure two-dimensional distances. On the topic of dimensions, the third dimension for altitude is included in the game mechanics, and it creates a bit more complication than I'd want to forgo talking about overall. A quick look at a simple stat card for a Dakkajet[...]
For five years, the world assumes that the plane was lost at sea…until the planes returns with all of the passengers still on-board But while time moved on for their loved ones at home, no time has passed for those who were on the plane. The series follows several passengers and their families as they adjust[...]
One Last April Fool's Joke… Disney / Pixar's X-Wings
The folks at Big Bee Studios may have a little too much free time… and we get to benefit as they put together this fake trailer for April Fool's Day meshing Disney's Star Wars franchise with the Pixar animation line of Cars and Planes… [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Prepare To Meet El Chupacabra, Daredevil Of The Cars Spin-Off, Planes
Jessy Williams writes for Bleeding Cool Disney want to introduce you to Planes' cast of characters, starting with El Chupacabra. Taking his name from the legendary creature, allegedly seen regularly as it sucks the blood of cattle in Mexico, he obviously aims to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. Don't worry, though, this El Chupacabra is[...]