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Pokémon Sun and Moon Add Entei and Raikou as Free Legendaries

A couple new additions were thrown into the mix for Pokémon Sun and Moon as you now have two new options for free legendary creatures to catch in the form of Entei and Raikou. We have the intro video for you below with devs talking about both additions, as well as their abilities gained at the regular […]

A Satoru Iwata Can Be Found In Pokémon Sun & Moon

Serebii.net delivered a bit of a surprise to us this week as they uncovered a cool little tribute in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Apparently, there's a hidden tribute to former Nintendo CEO, the late Satoru Iwata, inside the game. Below are the details of where you can find him. We won't totally spoil everything, that's for […]

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Raichu Is Killing It At This Year's Pokémon World Championships

After day one of the Pokémon World Championships, which was a veritable bloodbath, it became obvious that the tournament had one unexpected contender for biggest threat: Raichu. Even though the Video Game Championship series is solo affair, one group of players forged the same path to victory on the back of a team featuring Raichu's […]

The Shiny Tapu Koko Now Available In 'Pokémon Sun & Moon'

Starting yesterday, you got one month to get online and snag one of the more elusive Pokémon in the entire game. Pokémon Sun & Moon players now have a chance to snag the guardian deity of Melemele island, the Shiny Tapu Koko. But there's a little hitch in how you're able to obtain the rare creature. First […]

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Finally Gives Us Some Details On Marshadow

The official Pokémon website finally gave us some details on their latest addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon, Marshadow. There's no official date yet as to when the new legendary creature will start appearing, but they were more than happy to give us some backstory and status on it before it arrives. "Known as the Gloomdweller […]

A New Patch Just Repaired Several Glitches To 'Pokémon Sun and Moon'

Those of you having issues with Pokémon Sun and Moon will be happy to see that Nintendo just released a brand new patch, fixing some lingering issues that have been around from the start and a couple other nagging problems from the last update. You have to download the patch in order to participate in online […]

Pokémon's Sun & Moon Trading Card Expansion Now Available

Pokémon's latest expansion to the Sun & Moon card game, Guardians Rising, is finally out. You're going to get 140 new cards in small booster packs, all based on the creatures you can find in both versions of the 2016 3DS games. This incarnation of the card game has actually been doing fairly well for this run, […]

Well That's Just Creepy: New Mythical Pokémon Revealed

There's a lot of Pokémon who probably shouldn't exist. Silcoon, Klink, Diggersby, and whatever the hell Stunfisk is. But the latest Pokémon to show up looks like it should be haunting your cat in a all-pet version of The Grudge. Take a gander at Marshadow! This is one of the brand new Mythical Pokémon in Pokémon Sun & Moon […]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Is The Biggest Nintendo Launch Ever In The UK

Some people may have thought, 20 years after its launch, Pokemon might only be apealing to a hand full of old fans and kids, Well, you'd be wrong, as it appears the series only gets stronger and stronger.According to Eurogamer, the launch sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon last week were the biggest of any[...]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Sold 1.9 Million Copies In Japan

Pokemon really is something. There really are few franchise that have been around as long as it, and even less that seem to endure with such impressive sales. If you were expecting that to change with Sun and Moon, it looks like you are mistaken. It's being reported by Gematsu that in Japan alone, the […]

Report Says Pokemon Sun And Moon Will Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sun And Moon is out for most now, and the game has a great buzz around it It seems Game Freak have done great work with the title, refreshing the formula somewhat.It seems a new version of the game might be coming to the Switch too. Eurogamer are reporting that multiple sources have said that the[...]

Fan Made Advert Gets To The Heart Of Why Pokemon Is Still Relevant

This is really cute and lovely. If you have ever loved Pokemon, this fan made advert for the series should bring a smile to your face. John Wikstrom has gone out of his way to produce a really lovely advert for the series that really gets to the core of why so many now-adults still gravitate to […]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Starters Get Their Evolution In New Video

There has been a lot of debate online about which of the Pokemon starters are the best for Sun and Moon. Rowlet, Popillo and Litten all have their defenders and the forum battles have been fierce. Well, here is a new domino in that argument as the starter's second evolutions have been revealed in a […]

Twitter Reacts To Pokemon Sun & Moon News And Starters

Not only are people using #TeamMoon or #Team Sun, they're also using #TeamLitten, #TeamPopplio, and #TeamRowlet....While I think they are all pretty darn cute, my love for the adorable owl with a bowtie will conquer all other reasons to go with my normal fire starter. Pokemon Sun & Moon releases on November 18th, 2016. We got a[...]

Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon Coming Holiday 2016

So, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is happening, as expected And also as expected, the game showed up in a very brief Nintendo Direct today.The games will be available on 3DS in 'Holiday 2016' Interestingly, you can use the Pokemon from the upcoming digital versions of Red, Blue and Yellow, store them in the Pokemon[...]