Twitter Reacts To Pokemon Sun & Moon News And Starters

We got a nice dose of Pokemon news today, and Bleeding Cool shared the trailer that had Twitter alive and chatting!

Some people were thrilled…

Other people were not…

…but overall, the reaction was big, and will surely be alive and kicking for days to come! Excitement, fan art, gifs, and more! It was great to get such a nice chunk of news.

Be sure to show your love for which starter you'd like. Not only are people using #TeamMoon or #Team Sun, they're also using #TeamLitten, #TeamPopplio, and #TeamRowlet.


…While I think they are all pretty darn cute, my love for the adorable owl with a bowtie will conquer all other reasons to go with my normal fire starter. Pokemon Sun & Moon releases on November 18th, 2016.

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