Call of Duty: WWII And AC Origins Top This Holiday's Most Anticipated Games' List

Call of Duty: WWII And AC Origins Top This Holiday's Most Anticipated Games' List

Nielson, the ratings and survey people you probably know as the ultimate deciding factor in TV programming, put out the results of a study today into what exactly the most anticipated games titles were for this year's holiday season. And none of their results should shock you, not even a little bit.

At the top of the list, in the multi-platform category, was Call of Duty: WWII. Fans of the series have been pretty excited about returning the game to its original "roots" after a long absence from the subject matter. Sure, a lot of the WWII FPS nostalgia comes from the fact that it was pretty much the last decisive victory for American combat actions – since technically we haven't been at war anytime since – but also spins off the 'disappointing' release of Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareCOD games always do well during the holidays, so this one is a no-brainer.

Call of Duty: WWII And AC Origins Top This Holiday's Most Anticipated Games' List
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Assassin's Creed: Origins took the second slot, which is also not a surprise for pretty much the same reason. When it comes to Ubisoft games, AC is pretty much their flagship series. Star Wars: Battlefront II came in third, which makes sense given the EA hype machine has been out in full force for that game since early Spring. Meanwhile, the surprise is WWE 2K18 at the fourth spot. I say surprise, because 2K Games hasn't ever really been considered that high up there in the AAA game world, but their sports franchise games have been doing absurdly well, especially when pit against the EA Sports titles. So while I'm not shocked to see a 2K sports game up there at spot four, I hadn't pegged WWE to take the honors.

The single platform releases are even less of a shocker. Forza 7 cleaned up for Xbox exclusive, while Gran Turismo Sport took the PS4 spot. GT is not a new franchise, but considering the fact that the game didn't even make it to Sony's E3 show, it is a tiny bit of an upset. Then again, what was the competition for PS4 holiday exclusives? Not much.

Super Mario Odyssey is raking in all the Switch votes, and the 3DS category was split between Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. The PC category was maybe the biggest shocker, with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition being the biggest draw. I mean, really?

You can check out Nielson's full rundown of how they came to their conclusions on their blog, if you like. Personally, I feel like most of these results speak for themselves.

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