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Thank FOC It's Friday #FOC
Because this represents the comic book industry returning to comic book stores en masse… Geof Darrow Is Post Americana – Thank FOC It's Friday Traditionally FOC is the date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty A final chance for publishers to promote books while orders can still[...]
Image Comics Delays Steve Skroce's Post Americana Orders For Big News
The new Image Comics series Post Americana #1 by Steve Skroce and Dave Stewart was listed for Final Order Cut-Off this weekend But Image Comics has now informed retailers that they will have one more week to up their orders Why might they want to do that? Well, the comic book is returnable, and it[...]
Preview of Steve Strode Pax Americana #1 From Image Comics
  Bleeding Cool already posted about Post Americana, a new comic series by Steve Skroce, coming from Image Comics in December We called it Pax America because we are all morons So here, with a preview of the first issue, is a chance to make that right So, yes, from the co-creator of We Stand On[...]