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Soniqs Take The PUBG Continental Series 2 North America Grand Final
Over the weekend during the PUBG Continental Series 2, Soniqs managed to rise up and take the North America Grand Final After three weeks of competition, the teams finally came to a head this past weekend to see who would be crowned champion After a number of battles, Soniqs came out as the top team[...]
PUBG Corp. Reveals PCS2 North America Grand Final Teams
revealed the final teams to play in the North America Grand Finals for the PUBG Continental Series 2 24 teams battled it out to get qualified but only 16 can move onto the final tournament Those 16 teams include 303 Esports, Any Trolls In Chat, Carnage Gaming, Comets, Dodge, Duel, Fabled, Houston Hardshifts, Illusion, Liberate,[...]