Soniqs Take The PUBG Continental Series 2 North America Grand Final

Over the weekend during the PUBG Continental Series 2, Soniqs managed to rise up and take the North America Grand Final. After three weeks of competition, the teams finally came to a head this past weekend to see who would be crowned champion. After a number of battles, Soniqs came out as the top team of the series and took home the grand prize. You can read the full recap below from PUBG Corp. and watch a recap on their YouTube channel, as PCS3 North America Group Stage will begin on October 2nd.

Soniqs Take The PUBG Continental Series 2 North America Grand Final
Credit: PUBG Corp.

PCS2 came to a close following twenty-four matches across the three-week format that showcased the best teams North America has to offer. Soniqs had a consistent and dominant play from start to finish. Since their finish in Week 1 atop the leaderboard, Soniqs managed to not just defend their high ground, but run away with the tournament by the end of Week 3. The team's leading player, James "TGLTN" Giezen, looked unstoppable over the course of the Grand Final – leading almost every important individual statistical category.

PCS2 marked the third PUBG esports event of the year, where each event was won by one of the region's "big three" teams. Oath Gaming and Shoot To Kill have won the previous two events in 2020 – the two teams rounded out the top-three during PCS2 Grand Final. Looking towards the future, with a major event victory under each of these team's belts, which one will emerge victorious during PCS3 in November?

All participating Grand Final teams will also receive 25% of the community-funded prize pool earnings generated via the North American share of the PCS2 Pick'Em Challenge and in-game sales. This will increase the team's initial prize pool earnings, while simultaneously delivering exclusive PCS2 weapon skins to fans that voted for them. For the last tournament, the PCS1 Pick'Em Challenge raised an additional $137,000 USD, bringing the tournament's total prize pool to $337,000 USD.

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