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The Boys and other shows are getting pumpkin carving stencils courtesy of Sony Pictures TV (Image: SPTV)
So are you "Team Vought" or "Team Butcher"? Do you side with "Team Cobra Kai" or "Team Miyagi-do"? Ever wanted to carve your own "Heisen-pumpkin"? Or would a lit silhouette of The Stones be the tone you're looking for? Whatever the case, Sony Pictures Television (SPTV) is offering fans of Breaking Bad, Cobra Kai, Community, The[...]
Blood And Gourd – The Pumpkins Are Taking Over
Pumpkins taking over Olympia, WA? Are you 5? You're in your 30s You're trying to make a name for yourself as a psychotherapist You're soaked in student loan debt, struggling to pay rent, and this is a priority? The more we fought it the more we kept coming back to yes Heck yes! Blood and Gourd[...]