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Punk's Not Dead #4 cover by Martin Simmonds
Punk's Not Dead #4 brings Fergie and Sid into close encounter with Culpepper and Asif at the casino where the elderly of London are currently dancing till they literally drop. Does it make for a good read?
Poser #1 cover by Clay McCormack
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In 1982, a kid bullied by a circle of punk rocker friends brutally kills two of the group In the present, we find a young woman named Ashley She lives with her dad, and they both work at a record store She ducks out midway through the day with her boyfriend Max, and their[...]
First Trailer For "How To Talk To Girls At Parties" Hits
 Most folks are excited for this film because of the source material, or the fabulous all-star cast including Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Wilson, and Alex Sharp. But myself?  I'm more excited for the director's take. I mean just LOOK how amazing Kidman looks in this still from "How To Talk To Girls At Parties" John Cameron Mitchell (Rabbit Hole, Shortbus) who most[...]
Punk Rock Zombies! David Hine Talks About Halloween's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH
Romero's original zombie classic.   How did you first become involved with the Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath project from Avatar Press? About a year ago, someone not a million miles from Bleeding Cool dropped my name to Avatar publisher William Christensen as a possible writer on the new Crossed: Badlands bi-monthly.  When William contacted me, he[...]