Q4 results

Ubisoft Continues To Perform Well Financially, And Still Suck At Humblebragging

Ubisoft made their quarterly earnings call yesterday which wrapped up the end of their financial year for 2016-2017, and it showed a continued strong performance, as well as some hilarious attempts at humble bragging. Included in the press release were the claims that Ghost Recon: Wildlands was the industry's best-selling title since the beginning of […]

Sega's End Of Year Presentation Hints That Old Sega Franchises Might Return

Sega recently released the slide show used in their recent financial report. That slide show is mostly just a breakdown of SEGA's business, but included in their plans for their future strategy was an interesting piece of information. Part of their strategy through to 202 was the "revival of past IPs," which could include any […]

EA's End Of Year Results Show A Sales Record For Battlefield 1

EA, predictably, had a damn good year in 2016. They released their 2016 end of year results earlier this week, and it looks like Battlefield 1 took home record sales by returning to WWI. What is noticeable is that there is no mention whatsoever of Bioware's Mass Effect: Andromeda which was released late into the fourth quarter […]

Starbreeze Studios Sales Boosted Because Of Dead By Daylight And Payday 2

Dead by Daylight, the fantastic horror survival multiplayer on Steam, was responsible for 50% of Starbreeze's sales in Q4 alone and held up the company throughout the 2016 fiscal year since its release back in June.If you want more information on Dead by Daylight you can check out my coverage of it from E3 here, and […]