Starbreeze Studios Sales Boosted Because Of Dead By Daylight And Payday 2


Dead by Daylight, the fantastic horror survival multiplayer on Steam, was responsible for 50% of Starbreeze's sales in Q4 alone and held up the company throughout the 2016 fiscal year since its release back in June.If you want more information on Dead by Daylight you can check out my coverage of it from E3 here, and from NYCC here.

Starbreeze's fourth quarter was a very successful one for the developer and publisher. Their net revenue amounted to SEK 99.4 million (SEK 48.9 million), representing a growth of 103%.

Payday 2 also did its job to pull the company along through 2016. The Payday franchise generated SEK 37.2 million during the fourth quarter, SEK 47.7 from the previous year with production support costs being 0.0 million for 2016 down from SEK 14.4 million for 2015. Basically, Payday has made Starbreeze a lot of money as they are the sole owners of the Payday franchise. They also expect that 505 Games, Payday's worldwide publisher, to have reached their USD $5 million recoup in Q1 2017 as they see an impressive improvement in performance among console players after the latest Payday 2 update.

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The official release includes the statement "We're over the moon with Dead by Daylight, a complete success both strategically and financially." Which is impressive praise for what is normally a cut and dry business report. Dead by Daylight has sold over 1.8 million copies on PC and contributes SEK 54.6 million to Starbreeze net revenues in Q4, making it the best quarter through the game's lifetime. It's also worth noting that Dead by Daylight's 54.6M earnings is more than half of Starbreeze's total earnings for Q4, making the game almmost solely responsible for Starbreeze's 103% growth. And they expect that performance to continue as they take Dead by Daylight to consoles in Q2 2017.

Their full 2017 lineup includes Overkill's The Walking Dead, a mobile title in the Payday franchise, a co-op version of Smilegate's Crossfire, Lion Game Lion's Raid: World War II, and indie project AntiShpere, as well as Double Fine's Psychonauts 2and Dead by Daylight on console.

You can find the full report from Starbreeze here.

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