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Jaxxon The Rabbit - Still Awful in Star Wars #108 (Spoilers)
The green, rabbit-featured smuggler from Lepi, who so offended George Lucas when he appeared in the comic that it led co-creator and writer Roy Thomas to decide to quit the book And the character has enjoyed a love/hate relationship with fans since As for his appearance in tomorrow's Star Wars #108 Well, the creative team[...]
'The Masked Singer' Week 5 Upped The Game "90210" Different Ways [SPOILER RECAP]
Boy-bander Rabbit showed off his *in sync* moves I have to admit, this was the first time since the premiere that I was surprised by the unmasking  though my fellow Bleeding Cool Contributor Leigh Kade saw it coming Props for calling it! Let's dive in and see what we gleaned from new clues and performances… Lion THE[...]
'The Masked Singer' Episode 4 Recap: This Week, "Another Mask Bites The Dust" [SPOILERS]
Competitions are winding down on FOX's The Masked Singer with Rabbit, Bee, Alien, Crow, and Poodle taking the stage this week The clues were more cryptic, but most of the performances pretty solid Fellow "Mask-erader" Leigh Kade and I will get you up-to-speed on our latest celebrity guesses as we recap the hijinx. THE MASKED SINGER: L-R: Alien[...]
FOX's "The Masked Singer': The Guilty Pleasure We Didn't Know We Needed [SPOILER REVIEW]
Chelsea would be cool. I'm definitely hooked too! Curious to see how the season pans out. Next week? Bee, Rabbit, Alien, Raven, Pineapple, and Poodle perform! Yes, you read that right… https://youtu.be/gemh5cM-7jw The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on FOX. I may not be entirely proud to admit it, but I was intrigued by FOX's The Masked Singer since promos[...]