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Secret Warriors #12 cover by Javier Garron and Israel Silva
That would probably be my biggest criticism; Ilyana doesn't show up enough and is still abused by the rest of the team. Sure, the whole premise is a bit goofy, but it's good-natured and wraps up the book in a manner that would be satisfying to anyone invested in the team and characters. Secret Warriors #12 art[...]
Fiction Squad #1 Takes Classic Fairytales To A New Level
The art style, by Ramon Bachs, reminds me of the tabletop game Munchkin for some reason It's extremely animated and colorful. There are a multitude of fairytale character cameos However, you will discover that the only thing that's familiar are their names Bachs takes a provocative twist on most of the female character outfits, and puts[...]
Paul Jenkins Takes Ramon Bachs To Expand Fairy Quest Into Crime Noir Series
And while that book is continuing from Jenkins and Ramos, it is also spinning off into a new series of tales set in the same reality. Welcome to Fiction Squad from Paul Jenkins and Ramon Bachs, starting with the observation that all chilren's fairy stories are, in fact, crime scenes Humpty Dumpty? All the king's men[...]