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Rangers Comics #2 (Fiction House, 1941)
When it comes to determining the toughest-to-get Fiction House comic books, the elephant in the room is Jumbo Comics #1-8.  Those oversized issues are much larger than standard Golden Age comic books and are thus not able to be CGC graded at present.  That means they don't appear on the CGC census, and while the[...]
Rangers Comics #1 (Fiction House, 1941)
As we've mentioned recently, after Fiction House launched its first comic book series with Jumbo Comics in 1938, its next four comic book titles were counterparts of four of its pulp titles.  Jungle Comics hit the newsstand in October 1939.  Planet Comics and Fight Comics followed in November.  Wings Comics was launched a few months[...]
Rangers Comics #26 (Fiction House, 1945)
Fiction House's Rangers Comics was originally titled Rangers of Freedom Comics.  The series featured a fairly typical if well-executed war-era team of superheroes fighting a Nazi supervillain called the Super-Brain.  But America's entry into WW2 changed all that.  The title changed into a more typical kind of war comic with some spectacular good girl covers. [...]