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Was Rassilon Originally Female? Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious Says So
Rassilon is a Time Lord with a long history in Doctor Who President of the Time Lords of Gallifrey, he was originally a legendary figures, referred to as the chief founder of Time Lord civilisation, alongside Omega An engineer and architect, after the original TV series where he was portrayed in a benevolent fashion, first[...]
“Doctor Who”: 5 Subtle Details That Make the Show Mind-Blowing Science Fiction
Other evil Time Lords include Omega, the founding Time Lord Rassilon, and Morbius Even the acting President of Gallfirey Borusa, introduced as one of The Doctor's teachers in "The Invasion of Time" went from benign to evil and megalomaniacal when he returned in "The Five Doctors" The Time Lord criminal Salyavin was insane, but when[...]