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RBI Baseball 21 Is An Improvement, But Still The Minor Leagues
Credit: MLB Advanced Media RBI Baseball 21 is out now, taking advantage of a couple of weeks lead time on MLB The Show This is a good thing for the baseball simulator, being the only game on the market the week MLB starts is always a positive for sales The last couple of years of the[...]
RBI Baseball 21 Trailer Released, Game Drops Soon
Baseball 21 Gameplay! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PnAjV-84_M) RBI Baseball 21 May Be The Choice Over The Show For Some "As Major League Baseball teams open Spring Training camps this week, their virtual counterparts are simultaneously prepping for the March 16 launch of R.B.I Baseball 21. Headlined this year by Chicago White Sox superstar shortstop Tim Anderson, R.B.I[...]