RBI Baseball 21 Trailer Released, Game Drops On March 16th

RBI Baseball is a fine series, but the new game for 2021 features a wide array of improvements that players were demanding. Create a player is here, along with Statcast data for players, a great tool that should have been there for a while since this game is developed by MLB themselves. When you are in the space with The Show, you have to constantly innovate, and it looks like they have done just that. You can see the new trailer for the game below.

RBI Baseball 21 May Be The Choice Over The Show For Some

"As Major League Baseball teams open Spring Training camps this week, their virtual counterparts are simultaneously prepping for the March 16 launch of R.B.I. Baseball 21. Headlined this year by Chicago White Sox superstar shortstop Tim AndersonR.B.I. Baseball 21 first gameplay trailer of the new season was unveiled today by MLB. As part of the run-up to launch, Topps, the Exclusive Trading Card of MLB, created an exclusive run of Tim Anderson Foil Cards which come free for players who pre-order the game from Target and Walmart. The game is also available for pre-order from GameStop. This is the eighth installment of the R.B.I. Baseball franchise developed by Major League Baseball. The new edition continues its legacy of offering arcade baseball entertainment with an increasing array of new features and enhancements, many of which were implemented at the request of the R.B.I. Baseball player community."

This year, R.B.I. Baseball 21 – as developed by the MLB Games & VR team – offers new in-demand features including:

  • Play-by-play commentary by MLB Network's Fran Charles;
  • Create-a-player mode in which a player builds the ultimate five-tool player;
  • Individual Statcast data for every pitcher, modeling his real-life form and pitches, such as Dustin May's sinker and Sixto Sanchez' changeup;
  • Progressive time of day scenarios, presenting realistic environmental factors, such as afternoon games transitioning to twilight and evening play;
  • Increased customization options ranging from batting controls to camera angles;
  • For Nintendo Switch players, R.B.I. Baseball 21 now features online play to match up head-to-head.
RBI Baseball 21 Trailer Released, Game Drops Soon
RBI Baseball 21 Cover

This game has grown leaps and bounds over the years, and what used to be a restrictive experience on the diamond is fast becoming a swell companion to The Show. RBI Baseball 21 will be in stores on March 16th.

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