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A Real Life Superhero Civil War In Michigan

A Real Life Superhero Civil War In Michigan

The Detroit News reports on a schism in the Real Life Superhero movement in northern Michigan, between Petoskey Batman and Bee Sting. The two men, part of a Michigan group that fights crime while dressed as superheroes, accuse each other of all manner of villainy. It includes purported death threats and allegations of welfare fraud, […]

Phoenix Jones Comes To London

Phoenix Jones Comes To London

Rob Orr writes; Just like McDonald's, Starbuck's, financial recession, and gangster culture–he's your problem now, UK! (Just kidding, I actually dig real life superhero, Phoenix Jones.) Following a recent period of controversy involving assaulted bartenders and an apathetic Seattle Police Department: [youtube][/youtube] And a (successful) search for heroin evidence in city sewers: [youtube][/youtube] As promised, […]

Police Arrest Real Life Super Hero Over Aurora Fears

Police Arrest Real Life Super Hero Over Aurora Fears

I am continuing to blame Kick Ass.Ex-military policeman Matthew Argintar, 23 from New Jersey, is a Real Life Super Hero Dressed in a Batman-like face mask, a cape, arm pads and a bulletproof vest And also a pair of handcuffs Outside a Home Depot, he began asking people if there was anything they needed help[...]

Shadow The Real Life Super Hero Of Yeovil Town

Shadow, The Real Life Super Hero Of Yeovil Town

This is Shadow, a ninja who patrols the streets of his home town to make it a safer place to live. And it's not a comic. He's a Real Life Superhero in Yeovil in England. Ken Andre, 33, father of two. And superhero street hero. We met him in a Channel 4 documentary but now […]

The New Valiant. Just Dont Mention Jim Shooter

The New Valiant. Just Don't Mention Jim Shooter

Following an interview between CBR News editor Kiel Phegley and Valiant's Jason Kothari and Peter Cuneo, Bleeding Cool received a press release announcing the new Valiant Comics. We've been here before of course. Every few years there seems to be a new attempt to revive the Valiant comic book line. The most concrete was Dark […]

Britain's The Statesman Revealed As Mild Mannered Bank Clerk, Scott Cooke

And this is how long a superhero secret identity would last in real life. Britain's street superhero The Statesman has been revealed by the Sun as Scott Cooke, 26, who works as an advisor in a high street branch of the Santander bank and lives with his girlfriend of ten years – though he still […]

Columbia Police Ask Masked Superhero, The Viper, To Give It Up

In Columbia, wearing a mask is illegal.  Not that this has stopped Columbia's crimefighter The Viper wearing a full body black and green body costume and patrolling the streets. And so the police have asked him, please, to stop. And in this ABC News report, he tells the reported that he has been "confined to […]

Police Tell Phoenix Jones To Stop After Nose Broken

Bleeding Cool has covered the activities of Seattle's lead real life superhero Phoenix Jones in detail before. Indeed, just last week I had a long conversation in the pub with a Millarworld moderator over the likelihood he might he invited to appear in Kick Ass 2. But on Saturday, Phoenix Jones had more pressing matters […]

VIDEO: Phoenix Jones, Real Life Super Hero

Real Life Super Hero Phoenix Jones is the subject of another TV news report after preventing car theft in Seattle, tackling a robber as he attempted to break into a car, and saving the owner from potential physical attack.Phoenix Jones has been the subject of previous Bleeding Cool reports, but this is the first time[...]