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Phoenix Jones Comes To London
Rob Orr writes; Just like McDonald’s, Starbuck’s, financial recession, and gangster culture--he’s your problem now, UK! (Just kidding, I actually dig real
Police Arrest Real Life Super Hero Over Aurora Fears
I am continuing to blame Kick Ass. Ex-military policeman Matthew Argintar, 23 from New Jersey, is a Real Life Super Hero Dressed in a Batman-like face mask, a cape, arm pads and a bulletproof vest And also a pair of handcuffs Outside a Home Depot, he began asking people if there was anything they needed help[...]
VIDEO: Phoenix Jones, Real Life Super Hero
Real Life Super Hero Phoenix Jones is the subject of another TV news report after preventing car theft in Seattle, tackling a robber as he attempted to break into a car, and saving the owner from potential physical attack. Phoenix Jones has been the subject of previous Bleeding Cool reports, but this is the first time[...]