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If At First You Don't Succeed... The Fox Returns at Archie in May
It's that time of year, again! Yes, it's time once again for Archie Comics to try to relaunch the Red Circle superhero universe again, starting with a one-shot starring The Fox in May The Fox: Family Values will feature "new adventures of iconic superheroes The Fox, She-Fox, and Ghost Fox" by creators including Dean Haspiel,[...]
Archie's Red Circle Superheroes To Return, For Grown Ups, In November
Archie Comics have had a number of attempts to revive and republish the Red Circle line of superhero comic books with less than stellar results Beginning with the Shield created in 1939 for Pep Comics, The Black Hood and The Wizard, were relaunched in the sixties following DC Comics superhero revival, introducing The Fly and[...]
Red Circle Comics Launches New Crusaders App
The New Crusaders App went live last night featuring the new Archie Comics revival of the Red Circle superhero characters, delivering 8 pages of new content a week as well as a classic Red Circle comic. Hmm You know it's not totally as teeny tiny kid friendly as you may have thought… The New Crusaders App[...]