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One-Star Squadron #5
As the synthetic man Red Tornado "leads" a complex cast of cast-off heroes desperate for relevance, their struggles have a much higher cost than any of them anticipated. One-Star Squadron #5 Cover Credit: DC Heroz4U is a kind of "Taskrabbit for superheroes," where you can rent costumed adventurers to entertain at your kid's party, handle security for[...]
One-Star Squadron #3 Review: Melancholy and Malaise
Credit: DC Comics A company called Heroz4U offers a service — a smartphone app where everyday people can call for the help of superheroes, and it's the only one (there are apparently seven competitors not making any money) that has the endorsement of the Hall of Justice — possibly due to the inclusion of Red Tornado[...]
One-Star Squadron #1 Review: Uneven
If you saw the brilliant but too-soon-canceled Powerless, this will give you a dash of that with an odd mixture of the vibe of Hill Street Blues. Red Tornado is the manager of Heroz4U, a truly haphazard collective of metahumans who have bills to pay The lineup includes the Heckler, Plastic Man (who's barely seen), G.I[...]
Freedom Fighters: the Ray – 'Destroy the Cortex, Save the World.'
Animation. In the scene below, Raymond and his best friend John Trujillo (Jason Mitchell) watch a hologram project by the neural cortex of Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg) Tornado quickly explains multiverses and how his Earth differs from Earth-1 and about the Freedom Fighters They notice that Black Condor looks exactly like John Tornado also explains that[...]
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
It starts on Earth-X with The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Dollman, and Red Tornado trying to help a group of refugees get away from the Reichmen In the battle, the Red Tornado is severely damaged and he gives the Ray his cortex/brain to destroy so the information won't fall into the Reichmen's hands[...]
Crisis On Earth-X
And in the background we see Red Tornado This character first appeared in Supergirl season one and also showed up in the trailer for Freedom Fighters: The Ray animated series that was released during the summer In the animated trailer he was working on the side of the resistance but here he clearly seems to[...]
'DC Metal (Men, 2016)' Review: A Truly Metal Comic
The robotic-themed threats which oppose the team are good foes. To spoil a bit, Red Tornado is hacked and sent after the Metal Men, and, later, Doctor Lace is coerced into building a new set of Metal Men to oppose Magnus' team Her Metal Men 2.0 are made up of Magnesium, Silicon, Zirconium, Aluminum, Lithium, and[...]
Red Tornado
The character I want them to bring back was one that intrigued me a lot as a kid, the Red Tornado And while most of these I want them to bring back are because of how well they did the interpretation of the character… that is definitely not the case here. Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS ©2015 CBS[...]
The Impressive List Of Villains From Supergirl Season One
And then there were others who we don't see as villains in the comics anymore after their rough start like Red Tornado and Indigo Plus there were the alien group that included Vartox, Astra, Non, Master Jailer, Jemm and Hellgamite And of course their version of Bizzaro. The video below highlights the villains of the season,[...]
Supergirl Has Saved Over 40,000 Lives In Just 8 Episodes
I'm sure stopping Red Tornado and Reactron saved a lot of lives… but they're math seems to be a bit fuzzy Their final total was 40,268 plus one snake named "fluffy"… who names their snake "fluffy"? Supergirl returns January 4th to CBS. [youtube][/youtube] The producers of CBS's hit series Supergirl have released this summary video showcasing some[...]
3 Sneak Peeks At This Week's Supergirl – Red Faced
This week's episode of Supergirl we get to meet General Sam Lane and his Red Tornado and we have 3 sneak peeks plus the preview for you We also get to meet Cat Grant's mother and after the clip below I see why she is in therapy We learn that Red Tornado is not a[...]
Red Tornado Is Coming To Supergirl On Monday
The episode introduces Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg) The reason I've been curious about it is the design of the character makes me think of something Tom Baker would have dealt with on Doctor Who They way the face pokes out from the headgear… I'm hoping it will look better in action than in the clips[...]
What Will We See On The First Season Of Supergirl?
With the first issue out there now and having done well, folks may be asking "So what are we going to see on this season of Supergirl?" And even if they're not, CBS has released this trailer that shows just that including some of the upcoming villains like Astra who looks exactly like Supergirl's mom[...]
No Flash/Arrow Crossover, But Supergirl Is Getting Red Tornado And General Zod (Updated)
#TCA15 — Gary Levin (@GaryMLevin) August 10, 2015 But where we won't get the Scarlet Speedster and Emerald Archer… we are likely to get two other recognizable characters… General Zod and Red Tornado   Red Tornado and General Zod are among characters popping up in the #Supergirl universe @cbs #TCA15 — Gary Levin (@GaryMLevin) August 10, 2015 Update – Levin[...]
Jeff Lemire Mystery Comic Pic Tweets – Saturday Trending Topics
Or maybe Red Tornado (who has already been mentioned as being under construction in the New 52), despite what the forum says  But mostly Spectre, I think  Over the last couple of days, Jeff Lemire has tweeted the visuals below without further comment, despite a variety of pleas from his followers. Most-Read Comic Stories Today –[...]
Is Jeff Lemire Playing With Us?
Over the last couple of days, Jeff Lemire has tweeted the visuals below without further comment, despite a variety of pleas from his followers. Red Tornado, Kamandi, Jemm Son Of Saturn and Spectre. A new DC team book? Making his mind up time? Or is he just playing with us? Over the last couple of days, Jeff Lemire[...]