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Remedy Reveals Schedule For Control's Releases Starting With Steam
Remedy and 505 Games revealed details today about the release schedule for Control as the game now becomes unexclusive Control: Ultimate Edition will drop on the platform on August 27th, followed by a digital version for Xbox One and PS4 on September 10th After that, there will be a physical edition for both consoles at[...]
Remedy's "Control" is Strange, Intriguing, and Absolutely Stunning
Remedy's newest game is Control, which was announced just last year during Sony's E3 press conference And while the game seemed to be all over the place when it was announced, it still made it to our "Most Anticipated Games of 2019" list because we just can't help but be sucked in by any Sam Lake project. We[...]
Alan Wake
Remedy has been out talking about its IPs, saying that it never made sequels to Alan Wake or Quantum Break because they are in the hands of Microsoft. Alan Wake and, to some degree, Quantum Break have become cult-y favourites of many Remedy Entertainment is well known for its single-player third-person narratively focused games, with both[...]
Control Logo
Control, a new game from Remedy and 505 Games, was just revealed at Sony's E3 press conference The game looks to be a healthy mix of action/adventure, fantasy, horror, and about 4000 other genres The trailer can be found below. Sony announces new game, Control! #PlayStationE3 #SonyE3 #GameSpotE3 — GameSpot @ #E32018 (@gamespot) June 12, 2018 It[...]
remedy p7
Remedy's new project which is currently referred to as "codenamed P7", is slated for a 2019 release Remedy are best known for their Max Payne series, but they're also the folks behind Quantum Break and Alan Wake. The third-person action game was referenced in the company's financial statement and is currently in production, and progressing according to plans[...]
Remedy Entertainment Quantum Break
Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment Remedy Entertainment is well established for its single-player roots From Max Payne to Alan Wake to Quantum Break, the developer is known for trying daring and interesting things in the form of a single-player story. Well, if this job posting is to be believed, it looks like the Remedy is expanding its[...]