Remedy Entertainment Job Listing Suggests Next Game Is Online And Destiny-Ish

Quantum Break
Image courtesy of Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment is well established for its single-player roots. From Max Payne to Alan Wake to Quantum Break, the developer is known for trying daring and interesting things in the form of a single-player story.

Well, if this job posting is to be believed, it looks like the Remedy is expanding its ambitions into an online focus. Via VG247, this new position for a 'World Systems Designer' on their new game, codenamed P7, seems to make a pretty explicit reference to another popular video game with MMO qualities. It reads:

Are you constantly thinking about intriguing ways to excite your players and keep them invested in your game's world? Are you obsessed with lore and a desire to create rich content that communities will devour? Do you design challenge systems that are so moreish your players plan their week around them? Have you already designed the next Battle Royale? Are you always among the first to find Xûr?

Just for those not keeping up, they are talking about Destiny.

There are also several references to online in the listing, too, but the most important is probably this one:

Spearhead the creation of compelling, innovative online game modes, including creating simplified level layouts and driving playtests and iteration.

This paints a pretty specific picture of the game, and it definitely seems to be a departure for the developer. While I'm definitely interested in what a Remedy Destiny-like game would be, there is something sad about one of the dedicated single-player makers moving away from the space (at least for now).

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