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And Finally… When Alan Moore And Friends Talked Counter Culture For A Day
Thanks to SpaceGuruu, who went to an day of counter culture discussion at Northampton University , called Under The Austerity The Beach with Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie, Robin Ince, Scroobius Pip, Josie Long and more. And who videoed and edited a few clips… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: AUSTERITY ( can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]
Go See Alan Moore And Friends Sing For Just £8.80
Happening in Northampton next Wednesday. There are twenty tickets available right here for the name-changing Alan Moore, Grace Petrie and Robin Ince's Strange Worlds And Alluring Melodies at the NN Cafe on the 13th May at 7.30pm. The NN is a "contemporary art space in the centre of Northampton" who "work with artists at all stages of their careers to[...]
Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic – The Live Show
Well, now Alan Moore's magazine next trick is to jump off the pages and into performance. On May 2nd, as part of the London Word Festival, Alan Moore comperes a Dodgem Logic 2011 evening with artists Steve Aylett, Savage Pencil, Melinda Gebbie and Kevin O'Neill talking about their comic work, with Robin Ince bringing his standup[...]
Number Crunching Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic #6
Number Crunching wishes to reward the generous. Issue number: 5 Cost: £3.50 ($4.80) Pages: 78 Cost per page: 4 pence (6 cents) Alan Moore's pages: 11, but his nicotine stained fingerprints are everywhere. Pages by Tom Pickard from his upcoming autobiography: 12 Pages by Melibnda Gebbie on her time working on Where The Wind Blows: 4 Panels per page on Farmer and Healey's[...]