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007 Bond Binge: The Spy Who Loved Me Gives Roger Moore His Propers
Submarines, Cold Wars, and the introduction of one of the Bond franchise's most iconic recurring villains: Jaws.  The Spy Who Loved Me is arguably Roger Moore's best outing as 007, giving him the right mix of action and romance to fit his particular persona Add in Barbara Bach as Russian agent Anya Amasova, Richard Kiel as[...]
We Can Do Better Than Tom Hardy as James Bond
Roger Moore reportedly wanted to quit the role after finding out he was the same age as his co-star's mother in A View to a Kill Us too, Roger, us too. Lashana Lynch's Role in No Time To Die is Key [Minor spoilers/speculation ahead for No Time to Die—skip the next paragraph if this is something you[...]
007 Bond Binge: The Man With the Golden Gun Takes Aim w Christopher Lee
Roger Moore returns as James Bond in The Man With the Golden Gun with the world's deadliest assassin on his tail Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) is obsessed from the opening scene with killing Bond, and his sidekick Nick Nack (Hervé Villechaize) is a diminutive but powerful and fun character in a film where the franchise[...]
007 Bond Binge: Live and Let Die begins Moore era with Blaxploitation
In Live and Let Die, we're introduced to Roger Moore as a new James Bond His more suave and charming ways would define the next decade of Bond films Unfortunately, he's stuck in a mishmash of settings and stories that is as much blaxploitation as it is spycraft The series also introduces its worst recurring[...]
New "No Time To Die" TV Spot
Except that if you read Ian Fleming's original novels, you'll discover that Bond is actually a horrible, horrible man. Daniel Craig as James Bond, MGM James Bond is a Scumbag The Bond of the movies is a debonair man of action and seducer of women mostly from his depiction by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan[...]
“Bond”: “No Time to Die” Teaser Promotes Wednesday Trailer
I never saw the appeal; the sly, smooth, quippy spy bored me and ditto for Roger Moore, who my father despised He didn't have the look in my eyes He looked less like an international man of mystery, and more like a military man I never felt connected to any of them, which actually made[...]
"Rocketman" Director Dexter Fletcher to Helm"Sherlock Holmes 3"
Based on the Leslie Charteris novels, The Saint follows the adventures as Simon Templar (aka The Saint), a Robin Hood-type criminal and thief for hire. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / The novels inspired the 1960s television series starring Roger Moore as Templar The series ran for six seasons, which likely played some part in succeeding[...]
Your Best "James Bond"? I'll Take Ursula Andress, Thank You. (OPINION)
Lazenby had no intention to stay on as Bond, and producers were forced to back up a whole truck of money to get Connery back for Diamonds in 1971. In 1973, Roger Moore stepped in to play Bond, which was the beginning of one of the longest runs with one actor playing the role in Bond[...]
The Name’s Bag. Fleabag: Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Punch Up New James Bond Script?
We already practically had that with Roger Moore's amused smirk and arched eyebrow back when he was Bond. Perhaps the plot will involve Bond trying to shag a nun just like Fleabag spent the second series of her show trying to shag a priest With all the drinking and shagging and toxic, destructive behaviour with class[...]
Remembering Sir Roger Moore As James Bond
On May 23rd, Sir Roger Moore passed away at the age of 89 He started acting in 1945 and was well known for his roles as Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe, Beauregarde Maverick, Silky Harris and Simon Templar long before he ever picked up a shaken martini But in 1973, Moore took over the iconic role[...]
James Bond Plays In The Snow
Here Pierce Brosnan hit the slops in The World Is Not Enough from 1999. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The World Is Not Enough ski chase ( And Roger Moore puts on a yellow snow suit to add a degree of difficulty to escaping thugs in The Spy Who Love Me from 1977[...]
Paramount Gets Rights To Reboot The Saint
He made his TV debut in 1962 by a pre-Bond Roger Moore That ran until 1969 and then was revived as The Return of the Saint with Ian Ogilvy as the star in 1978 Two other attempts to get him on TV were made including the 1987 TV pilot The Saint in Manhattan starring Andrew[...]
James Bond Villain Geoffery Holder Dies At 84
He was also a dancer, photographer, sculptor and painter. Holder became the spokesman in the 70s and 80s for 7-Up using the tag lines of "Never had it, never will" and "Maaaahvaleous". Holder made his debut on Broadway in 1954 in House of Flowers a West Indies-set musical with a book by Truman Capote and Harold Arlen,[...]