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John Romero's great-grandmother is now a character in Empire of Sin.
Just in time for Mother's Day weekend, publisher Paradox Interactive and Romero Games joined forces for a very interesting clip from the upcoming Empire of Sin In the video, Romero Games co-founders John Romero and wife Brenda Romero introduce John's great-grandmother Elvira Duarte as a character in-game. It turns out Duarte would have fit in quite[...]
Romero Games and Paradox Partnering for a New Strategy IP
Paradox Interactive and Romero Games are working together on an upcoming strategy game based on original IP Brenda Romero and John Romero, known for their successful work with Doom, Quake, Jagged Alliance, and Wizardry 8 are bringing their decades of development expertise to the partnership while Paradox Interactive is bringing their strategy expertise from games like Cities: Skylines,[...]
John Romero is Releasing New DOOM Content
Variety is reporting that John Romero and his studio Romero Games, are releasing a free "megawad" for the original DOOM called "sigil." Yes, the content is being released for the 1993 game Not the remake. While a DOOM megawad is typical a fan-made batch of 15+ levels, Romero is using the term himself given the update[...]