Empire Of Sin Releases New Massive "Make It Count" Update

Romero Games and Paradox Interactive have released a new update into Empire Of Sin this week as you'll need to "Make It Count". Technically, the game got two updates with Make It Count being the first and the Precint Update being released alongside it. The first one is the first expansion for the game that adds in the mafioso accountant Maxim Zelnick, as well as a new playable boss who is there to make sure all of your numbers are true and you're not skimming off the top. You'll also be getting additional missions, weapons, events, and more, which we have listed below. Meanwhile, the Precinct Update is totally free which will be adding in new win conditions, new strategy overlays, and re-factoring economic controls. Both of these are available to add to the game right now.

Empire Of Sin Releases New Massive "Make It Count" Update
Credit: Paradox Interactive

There's more than one way to build an empire! Make It Count is the first major expansion for Empire Of Sin, adding a new playable boss to the rogue's gallery of Chicago: Maxim Zelnick, the "Mob's Fixer." Zelnick brings new combat abilities, talents, and a string of ways to expand your empire. He arrives alongside the Fixer gangster profession, Loan Shark racket, additional missions, weapons, events, and much more.

  • Maxim Zelnick: Zelnick is a boss who can cook the books just as well as he takes out the competition. "Bolster the Ranks" allows Maxim to call in reinforcements in combat.
  • Loan Shark: Money lending comes to Chicago, with unique events related to this "interesting" racket.
  • The Fixer: A gangster who can bribe their way out of certain combat scenarios. Their combat ability, Caltrops, disrupts enemy movement, buying time to better plan fights.
  • Weapons: Get your hands on the MK VI Revolver, Coach Gun, STA 22, Lighting Carbine, RSC M17, plus New Legendary weapons – the Persuader and Golden Gewehr 98.
  • Missions: 20 new missions, including Gangster personal missions and side missions, including 25 new events.
  • The Persuader Boss weapon
  • New Interiors and Improvement Buildings

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