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Rose City Games Announces "Floppy Knights" With A Reveal Trailer
Rose City Games, along with publisher Those Awesome Guys, revealed a brand new indie game on the way this year called Floppy Knights The game is a bit of a mesh between deck-building titles and tactics games, as you'll send out creatures to do battle on a grid Each one with their own skills and[...]
"Cat Lady" Will Get The Chilly Cheery Update Today
Rose City Games will be sending out a new patch to Cat Lady today, as players in Early Access will get to experience the Chilly Cheery update This is the second major update for the game which will add a bunch of new content for you to experience as you dive through your grandma's basement[...]
"Cat Lady" Makes Her Way Into Early Access This Week
VIZ Media announced today that their upcoming game Cat Lady from developer Rose City Games is being put into Early Access You can try the game out now ahead of time for $10 on Steam, as they will eventually release it sometime in the Spring of 2020 But like a lot of Early Access titles,[...]
The Purrrrfect Shooter: We Are The "Cat Lady" At PAX West 2019
VIZ Media and Rose City Games brought with them the most adorable twin-stick shooter to PAX West 2019 in the form of Cat Lady This is one of those games that the minute you see it, you either fall in love or thinks it's ridiculous We went with the former back when the game was[...]
VIZ Media Releases First Gameplay Trailer For "Cat Lady"
VIZ Media and Rose City Games released the first gameplay trailer to their upcoming single-player action-adventure game, Cat Lady If you love cats then this is basically your game as you roam around a cat-filled mansion trying to save your grandma using your own cats as weapons against the evil within The game doesn't have[...]
[REVIEW] The World Next Door
credit// Viz Media [rwp_box_recap id="0"] Viz Media and Rose City Games' The World Next Door is a narrative based action anime game which follows rebellious teen Jun who gets stuck in a world of demons Thr game is a combination of third-person isometric exploration, puzzle solving, and narrative choices. The levels are designed rather simply, but with immense detail[...]
Puzzle Combat Galore with The World Next Door at PAX West
One of the nice surprises at PAX West was to see a game from VIZ Media and Rose City Games called The World Next Door The game has a simple enough premise that's kinda fun Every so often, specific portals open up and people can visit between worlds One that's very much like earth and[...]
VIZ Media Partners with Rose City for Game Development
VIZ Media announced today that the company has joined forces with Rose City Games for a new development partnership to create and produce narrative-driven titles The first titles on the docket will be a supernatural action/adventure game called The World Next Door, featuring character designs by illustrator Lord Gris Below are a couple quotes from both[...]