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Spotlight on ComiXology Submit &#8211 Chickens Alter Ego Aki Alliance

Spotlight on ComiXology Submit – Chickens, Alter Ego, Aki Alliance

The artwork is crisp and handled with great attention to detail and atmosphere, all making for a visually entrancing read--here's hoping there's a #6 on the way. Aki Alliance, written and illustrated by Ryan Estrada This is another strong addition to the all-ages comics I keep finding on ComiXology Submit, reminding me that the platform allows for[...]

Pop Culture Hounding Ken Kristensen And Ryan Estrada

Pop Culture Hounding Ken Kristensen And Ryan Estrada

We discuss the idea behind the book, how his collaboration with artist MK Perker came to be, and why Todd is more a crime book than anything else.Then Taylor chats with creator Ryan Estrada, who is currently on the tail end of an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign for The Whole Story They talk about comics,[...]