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Cyborg #21 Review: Wolfman Returns but the Story is Bland

Cyborg #21 Review: Wolfman Returns, but the Story is Bland

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A battle between to factions of mechs attracts the attention of Cyborg. One was half-destroyed and abandoned, so Vic brings it back to the new S.T.A.R Labs base on an island. Unfortunately, both factions of mechs want the suit back, and it leads to an all-out assault on the base which leaves Cyborg […]

Barry Allens Investigation Board

Barry Allen's Investigation Board

A S.T.A.R. Labs truck is making stops around Los Angeles this week including a trip to the Long Beach Comic Con on Sunday which I happened to be attending. Now I didn't have the time to go through the truck, but I was able to snag these shots of Barry Allen's investigation board that first […]