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A Comic Show – Gotham By Midnight's Superior Spectre!
Oh, and Batman Eternal volume 1 is here collecting #1-21. Spider-verse's Scarlet Spiders is a group of Peter clones vs the Inheritor clones It takes a clone to kill a clone Scarlet Spidey fans won't be disappointed Superior Iron Man #2 continues Tony's bender and Daredevil's one man intervention doesn't go well. Image's big new #1 this[...]
Spider-Verse Team-Up, Scarlet Spiders Mini Series Announced By Marvel
Spinning out of Peter Svensson's Spider-Verse panel liveblog, here's some of the break-out news for the panel: First we've got Scarlet Spiders, a three-issue mini-series featuring Ben Reilly, Kaine, and Jessica Drew The series is by Mike Costa, who is of course well known for his work on the Avatar series God is Dead, and Paco[...]