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Black Widow Director Assistant Writes YA Graphic Novel School Spirits
School Spirits, is a new YA graphic novel series by Nate Trinrud, Megan Trinrud, and Maria Nguyen which has had its first two books sold at auction to Kate O'Sullivan at Clarion/HarperAlley The first book follows a teenager who finds herself living her own personal nightmare: she's been murdered, she's stuck haunting the halls of[...]
Small Press Favorite Picture Box, Inc. Announces Closure
This year, the Ignatz Award nominated Pompeii by Frank Santoro was the talk of Small Press Expo, and the books that have been released in 2013 like World Map Room, bringing the work of Yuichi Yokoyama over from Japan and School Spirits by Anya Davidson, celebrating an underground commix vibe, suggested momentum rather than depletion in[...]