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Will Marvel Announce a Secret Brian Keene Project Tomorrow?
Of course, Keene could also be using the phrase because he has finally decided to make the best use of his isolated rural Pennsylvania compound and started a cult. However, the Marvel theory was bolstered when Scott Edelman chimed in with a second reference to Marvel and Lee, using Lee's trademark exclamation, "Excelsior." Excelsior! — Scott Edelman (@scottedelman)[...]
Scott Edelman Learns Marvel is Reprinting His Thanos Story from Bleeding Cool
It's time once again for another classic Bleeding Cool trope, in which a creator learns about a story involving their own work, not from the comic book publisher, but from a Bleeding Cool article! This time, it's Scott Edelman learning that his 1977 Thanos vs Drax story is being reprinted in the Thanos Wars: Infinity[...]
Latest Marvel Contract Demands No Criticism from Creators?
Comic book writer Brian Keene interviewed veteran comic creator Scott Edelman on his podcast The Horror Show, embedded below. During which Edelman gave details on a new Marvel contract he was asked to sign I was asked to write an essay to go with the Marvel Masterworks for Captain Marvel, they just got up to volume no[...]