Scott Edelman Learns Marvel is Reprinting His Thanos Story from Bleeding Cool

It's time once again for another classic Bleeding Cool trope, in which a creator learns about a story involving their own work, not from the comic book publisher, but from a Bleeding Cool article! This time, it's Scott Edelman learning that his 1977 Thanos vs. Drax story is being reprinted in the Thanos Wars: Infinity Origin Omnibus.

Edelmen shared the joyous news on Twitter:

Pip pip, Scott Edelman. Pip pip.

Edelman's story, of course, comes from the one book you might find curiously listed in the collected works for this omnibus: Logan's Run #6. Just how a Thanos and Drax story ended up in a comic expanding on the world of the movie Logan's Run is explained in one of Brian Cronin's Turns Back the Page columns at CBR. Mike Zeck had apparently drawn the Edelman script as a tryout commissioned by Archie Goodwin, but due to contractual issues with MGM, Marvel needed some more content for the comic and decided to publish the Edelman/Zeck story, Cronin reports.

Scott Edelman Learns Marvel is Reprinting His Thanos Story from Bleeding Cool

We wonder if someone from Marvel let Edelman know the story was being published back then? Probably, we're thinking.

Edelman also chatted a little bit about royalties — well, let's not call them "royalties" — with Steve Horton:

Keeping writers and artists on an ongoing series for an extended period of time? Can we get some of those incentives implemented today?

Here's what else you can find in the Thanos Wars: Infinity Origin Omnibus. Has anyone told the other creators involved?

The Thanos Wars: Infinity Origin Omnibus
Before he eradicated half the Marvel Universe, Thanos fought his first Infinity Gem-powered wars against Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock and the combined might of the Avengers. Created by the incomparable Jim Starlin, these epic battles redefined the stakes for Marvel's heroes -and at the center of it all was always Thanos. Starlin imbued Thanos' stories with an existential spirit and cosmic scope that made the Mad Titan as compelling as he was dangerous. Experience Thanos, Drax and Gamora's first appearances, the very first assembling of the Infinity Gems, the reinvention of Captain Marvel, the return of Adam Warlock and more in this awesome Omnibus edition. Beautifully restored and packed with extensive bonus material, it's a must-have for every Marvel fan.COLLECTING: IRON MAN (1968) 55, CAPTAIN MARVEL (1968) 25-34, MARVEL FEATURE (1971) 12, AVENGERS (1963) 125, STRANGE TALES (1951) 178-181, WARLOCK (1972) 9-15, MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) 55, AVENGERS ANNUAL (1967) 7, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE ANNUAL (1976) 2, MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL (1982) 1, MATERIAL FROM DAREDEVIL (1964) 105, LOGAN'S RUN (1977) 6
On Sale Date: April 9, 2019


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