SDCC 2016

Doctor Strange Drops New Trailer During Marvel Studios Panel [UPDATE]

Now we get to Marvel's most immediate film. As we knew, Doctor Strange was set to appear, with Benedict Cumberbatch greeting those queuing waiting to get into tonight's panel, and it has become so. That is why is shouldn't be surprising that we have been made privy to the Doctor Strange trailer. While Marvel are playing coy […]

Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B. Jordan And More Roles Confirmed For Black Panther

Lupita Nyong'o and Michael B. Jordan were huge gets for the Marvel's Black Panther, but their characters had remained somewhat of a mystery up until now. Both have just had their roles announced during the Marvel panel though so you can stop wondering. Nyong'o is playing Nakia and Michael B. Jordan is taking on Erik […]

The LEGO Batman Movie SDCC Trailer Finally Hits The Net For All To See

Will Arnett is a great comedy Batman. I don't think there are too many who would deny that. That's why I'm absolutely ready for spending more time with that character in The LEGO Batman Movie. The film just got a trailer during WB's SDCC panel, where we are expecting a lot of announcements It took […]

The Death Stranding Trailer From E3 Is A Cutscene From The Game

Did you think that the Death Stranding trailer shown at E3 was just a bizarre mood piece to set up the texture and mood for the game? Well, you'd be wrong. During his talk at SDCC, Kojima revealed that, nope, that cut scene is pulled straight from the game. You'll be playing, and then that […]

Kojima Productions Gets An Expectedly Bizarre Logo Video

It seems that the trailer talked about earlier today but Hideo Kojima was not a new project or anything Death Stranding related. No, instead it is the Logo video for Kojima Productions. While it isn't anything story related, it is pretty out there. It features Ludens, the company mascot, first underwater, then on the moon, […]

Wonder Woman Trailer From SDCC Brings Hope And Colour To The DCCU

Wonder Woman's trailer has just hit as we suspected it might after a BBFC listing today. This looks lovely, and tonally, they really have struck on something unique to this universe. Patty Jenkin's outing looks strong, and Gal Gadot looks more than comfortable. The setting will only help add texture to this one.  This could […]

Ben Affleck Is Officially Directing A Batman Film

Today during the ongoing Warner Brothers panel at SDCC, all the directors for major upcoming films were paraded on stage. Including Ben Affleck. Well, the reason for that, as has been expected, is the Ben Affleck is indeed directing his own Batman movie. Not much more was said, but Affleck seems pretty excited about it, […]

Ragman Confirmed To Be Coming To Arrow Season 5 With Actor Announcement

Ragman is a pretty out there character, what with his power essentially being the consumption of souls. Well, CW are going to have to find some way to make him work in their universe, as it has been announced that the character is coming to Arrow in Season 5. This comes by way of EW […]

Hulk's Gladiator Armor From Thor: Ragnarok Has Just Been Revealed

We are expecting some big news from Marvel's panel today in Hall H, but before that happens, we just got a look at some big armor. In fact, this is Hulk's Gladiator armor from Thor: Ragnarok, confirming at least some kind of strong tie to Planet Hulk. As revealed by Ryan Penagos in a video, this […]

Sonic Is Helped By An Old Friend In Trailer For New 3D Game Project Sonic

It seems that going back to a retro style isn't the only thing Sonic Team has been working on. Last night, it was also confirmed that a new 3D adventure was also on its way. Details were light, but if you watch the trailer, you will see Sonic getting some help from generations Sonic. Sega […]

The Woods Revealed To Be Blair Witch Sequel At Comic Con

It's been a little while since the Blair With franchise reared its head, which is actually quite surprising, considering the home made, handheld style that it helped spawn became so big. However, better late than never, it was revealed that a project previously called The Woods was in fact just a front for a new […]