Halo Wars 2 Is Going All In With Story Bringing Intelligent Brutes, The Ark And An Unsure AI

Halo Wars 2 had a panel at SDCC today, and I am still surprised when I'm reminded that the game is happening. With Xbox One and PC's integration growing ever closer though, it does make total sense.

And not only is it happening. but it looks like the Creative Assembly is going all out on story presentation. As you can see in this nicely packaged 'vidoc', the developer is playing with some really cool concepts. There is an enormous brute who can kill four Spartans easily called Atriox plus, The Ark, the device that created the Halos that featured in Halo 3 is involved.

However, the element I love is this new AI called Isabell who is thrust into combat, despite not being a military AI. This means she will be a civilian AI who just wants to run from the ensuing chaos. That is a nice twist on what we are used to in this universe.

You can see how the game is shaping up in the video below. I'm impressed by what I see.

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