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Pokémon TCG Sealed "Zap!" Preconstructed Deck Auction At Heritage
Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Dallas, Texas, that deals in auctions pertaining to comics, video games, trading cards, and other such collectible items, has put a rare, sealed copy of the "Zap!" preconstructed deck from the Pokémon Trading Card Game up upon the auction block! Featuring the likenesses of Mewtwo and Pikachu alike,[...]
Pokémon Platinum Sealed Brick Of 4 Now On Auction At ComicConnect
ComicConnect, the premier collectibles marketplace and auction house based in New York, NY, has put a sealed brick of four copies of Pokémon Platinum up for auction! The Pokémon franchise has come a long way, and with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl coming out this November, this game will be more popular now than it ever[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Jumpstart Preview Round-Up: June 18th, 2020
The idea of Jumpstart is that each differently-themed pack comes with twenty cards and players will combine these packs to make Sealed decks for a Jumpstart Limited environment Fun! Next, let's look at one-fifth of a land-fixing cycle from the new Magic: The Gathering set. Thriving Isle, a new card from Jumpstart, an upcoming Limited-centric expansion set for Magic: The[...]