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Fat Man Beyond LIVE 4/17/20 - SPECIAL GUEST JIM LEE!
Cates challenged other creators to do the same and inspired by the moment, Kevin Smith decided that he would do the same with his own comic book store, Jay And Silent Bob's Secret Stash in New Jersey Telling us that he told Mike Zapcic off of Comic Book Men who runs the store to "empty[...]
Man Uses Spider-Man Wedding Comic As A Proposal
In an interesting scene from the recent Comic Book Men, a man brings his girlfriend into the Secret Stash looking for the wedding issue of the Amazing Spider-Man After talking about the issue with the staff, the man uses the issue and the moment on camera to propose to his girlfriend I don't know many[...]
Swipe File: Midtown Comics Vs Secret Stash
Here's an ad from Midtown Comics from a while ago [youtube][/youtube] And here's the new ad made for Jay And Bob's Secret Stash as seen on AMC's Comic Book Men [youtube][/youtube] In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree[...]
The Staff Of Kevin Smith's Secret Stash TV Show In Justice League Form
This image was created by comics creator and historian, Arlen Schumer, who guested on the show a month ago featuring the staff of the upcoming AMC reality series, Secret Stash, filmed out of Kevin Smith's comic book store in New Jersey Look for it next year… ***REDACTED***REDACTED***REDACTED***REDACTED*** UPDATE: Arlen writes; I didn't realize it was meant to[...]