Kevin Smith Does a Donny Cates, Pays Off Pull Lists at Secret Stash

Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin took to their Fatman Beyond podcast last night, talking about comics and comic book retailers right now. The tip jar for the podcast this week would go to BINC, alongside #Comics4Creators. They talked up Donny Cates, who has made Bleeding Cool for paying off the pull lists of his comic book stores in Austin, Texas. Cates challenged other creators to do the same and inspired by the moment, Kevin Smith decided that he would do the same with his own comic book store, Jay And Silent Bob's Secret Stash in New Jersey. Telling us that he told Mike Zapcic off of Comic Book Men who runs the store to "empty the pull box, send everything to every reservist." And so that's what he did, everyone who has a pull box at that store is getting all their comic books for free.

Are there any other comic book creators, th9se with their own comic book stores or just friendly with one, who might also be able to do a Donny Cates like Kevin Smith just did? Watch the video with Jim Lee as a special guest… and we'll be getting back to that shortly as well.

What is Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash?

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash is a comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey. owned by filmmaker Kevin Smith, named after his movie characters. It also sells merchandise from View Askew film-related items. The original Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash began as a small comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey called Comicology and was where Kevin Smith began purchasing his comics in 1995. When Smith learned the owner was permanently closing the store and moving to Taiwan, he expressed interest in purchasing the store for its back stock and client list. He bought it for $30,000, using the money he earned from Clerks, and took it over in January 1997, putting friend and colleague Walt Flanagan in charge of running the store. The store was repainted, filled with some film props, and its facade outfitted with a logo designed by Scott Mosier. The store was rechristened Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Smith moved the store two years later to a 4,000 square foot location and had his production designer on Chasing Amy and Dogma to help design the store's appearance, and filled it with every prop and artwork possible from Smith's films, such as the Bluntman and Chronic pages from Chasing Amy that had been drawn by Matt Brundage and Mike Allred and the Buddy Christ statue from Dogma. A new logo for the store was designed by comics writer/artist Matt Wagner. The store opened March 6t, 1999 with a gala "Stash Bash". The Stash has been a notable location for owner Smith to shoot scenes for some of his View Askew films. It first appeared (while still known as Comicology) in a deleted scene from Chasing Amy as Steve-Dave and Fan Boy's comic book store. It saw more prominence in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as Brodie's Secret Stash, a comic store owned by Mallrats character Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee). The store was the setting of the reality television series Comic Book Men.

Kevin Smith Does a Donny Cates, Pays Off Pull Lists at Secret Stash.
Kevin Smith Does a Donny Cates, Pays Off Pull Lists at Secret Stash. Image from Fatman Beyond on YouTube.


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