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Secret Warriors #12 cover by Javier Garron and Israel Silva
Worse yet, it turns into a Secret Warriors reunion when Inferno, Magik, Ms Marvel, and Karnak arrive. It's also a game night On the menu is cake and an Avengers-themed game of Risk. Secret Warriors #12 cover by Javier Garron and Israel Silva I've been a bit curious about Secret Warriors for a bit but never got around[...]
They're saying that Marvel Television is working on Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, an upcoming feature-length animated film about a group of heroes that includes Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel and more. This may tie into a report coming out of the NYCC back in October At Marvel's animation panel, exec Cort Lane said that Squirrel Girl,[...]
Matthew Rosenberg
Here is how the panel is described on the site: Welcome to the X-Men panel…hope you survive the experience! The X-Men have been catapulted back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe, and there's still more to come! Join Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and creators Ed Brisson (Cable, Old Man Logan), Matthew Rosenberg (Secret Warriors), and Charles[...]
More Marvel Legacy Homage Covers Changing The Industry Forever
This time, we have covers for Iceman, with art by Michael Ryan,   Then we have Alan Davis paying homage to Invincible Iron Man #150 in this one, Dave Johnson brings this game for Luke Cage, Cameron Stewart brings his art game for Old Man Logan with an Wolverine #2 homage, Lastly, Dave Johnson comes back to do the Secret[...]
That Moment When Secret Empire Just Goes Silly, From Secret Warriors #2
But it's even nicer when that expectation is turned on its head, with ellipses and all, from today's Secret Warriors, which is already doing great things with colourist Israel Silva creating different timezones and feels with his palette… with Clayton Cowles using lettering for placement in a fashion more common television like Fargo or Fringe. …as[...]
Al Ewing and Ryan Sook To Bring Us Inhumans Prime Next March
They've also got a snazzy Ryan Stegman variant, because: Venom Variant Month. Prime will lead Royals, Secret Warriors, and Black Bolt in the Inhumans' lineup, and (Marvel editors) Wil Moss and Charles Beacham say this will introduce us to the major Inhumans in the Marvel universe The Al Ewing and Ryan Sook are writing and pencilling (respectively) and (according[...]
The Secret Warriors In Action
On this week's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD we get to see the Secret Warriors in action as a team, as they head in to rescue the rest of SHIELD from Hydra and Hive / Grant Ward Daisy Johnson orders the team to split up with her and Lincoln Campbell going solo while Joey Gutierrez and[...]
Another Secret Warrior Mentioned In Last Night's Agents Of SHIELD
Seems I missed the fact that the Australian Inhuman mentioned in the most recent episode was named Eden Fesi… also called Manifold in the comIcs. Fesi, in the comics, is an indigenous Australian who is trained by the X-Man Gateway and recruited by Nick Fury as part of the Secret Warriors He also spent time with the[...]