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An Interview With Dave Porter, Composer For 'Breaking Bad' And 'Preacher'

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Nick Kazden: Dave Porter has had quite the career. Ever since he landed Breaking Bad back in 2008, he's become one of the most popular composers in Hollywood. Not only is he working on the ongoing Better Call Saul spinoff, but he's also developing relationships with Seth Rogen and his team […]

Now Is The Time To Get Your Bargain Once Upon A Time In The West Blu-Ray

The all-region Blu-ray of uber-Western Once Upon a Time In The West is going cheap at right now, at just $10.49. Arguably Sergio Leone's masterpiece, it's an amazing piece of epic, ambitious cinema and really benefits from HD and superb audio, much more dramatically so than many other films. Perhaps this is why Paramount took […]