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That Dirty Black Bag: Spaghetti Western Show is Just Empty Pastiche
Even Sergio Leone, whose "Dollars Trilogy" launched the genre, hated them If he was the father of the whole genre, "how many sons of bitches have I spawned?" he lamented That Dirty Black Bag is really filled with just hot air. That Dirty Black Bag is streaming on AMC+. That Dirty Black Bag belongs to a[...]
Apache Junction Director Justin Lee Growing Up on Westerns
Image courtesy of Saban Films When writing the film, Lee drew inspiration for Townsend's Ford from the Eastwood-starred Dollar trilogy films of Sergio Leone Apache Junction features a wide range of talent from Taylor-Compton, Townsend, Thomas Jane, and Country star Trace Adkins "Everyone had a great chemistry from the minute Tom showed up, and he had[...]
An Interview With Dave Porter, Composer For 'Breaking Bad' And 'Preacher'
In fact, Porter thinks the theme "was so bold and pervasive in a way that it said all that needed to be said about that." He and Gilligan spoke a lot about old westerns, particularly Sergio Leone ones, and how the sound design adds to the "spare, atmospheric sense." Whenever he had to figure out[...]