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The castle at Shanghai Disneyland. Attribution: MasaneMiyaPA / CC BY-SA (

Details Emerge for Shanghai Disneyland's May 11th Reopning

After months of being shuttered to the public, Shanghai Disneyland will reopen Monday, May 11th According to The Hollywood Reporter, Senior vice president Andrew Bolstein spoke with reporters Saturday, showing the changes the park has put in place for both guest and cast member safety Bolstein started the tour at the area where guests will[...]

The castle at Shanghai Disneyland. Attribution: MasaneMiyaPA / CC BY-SA (

Shanghai Disneyland Will Have a Phase Reopening on May 11th

On January 25th, 2020, Shanghai Disneyland closed to the public Within months the rest of the worldwide Disney Parks closed in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic Since the closings Disney fans have been asking one thing, when will the parks reopen?Announced earlier today, Shanghai Disneyland will officially reopen to the public on May 11th[...]

Shanghai Disneyland Park Closes Over Coronavirus Virus Concerns

Shanghai Disneyland Park Closes Over Coronavirus Virus Concerns

Shanghai Disneyland has announced that they will be closing their doors in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak Saturday, Shanghai Disneyland, the Disneytown retail and dining area, the Walt Disney Grand Theatre, and Wishing Star Park will all close their doors to the public There is no date set for them to reopen The outbreak has[...]

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Check out the Progress on Toy Story Land at Shanghai Disneyland!

Love it or hate it, Toy Story Land will be opening in Disney parks worldwide pretty soon! Over at Shanghai Disneyland, developers were recently testing the rides, and from the looks of it the expansion is almost done. reaction to the expansion has been largely positive, but there are some people who are less than[...]

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Shanghai Disneyland Celebrates the Year of the Dog!

If you visited Shanghai Disney Friday morning, you got to watch a special treat: a once-a-year eye dotting ceremony welcoming in the Chinese New Year! General Manager of the resort, Philippe Gas, was on hand to dot the eyes of two lions during a ceremonial dance. Dotting the eyes awakens the spirit of the lion, […]

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Toy Story's Woody and Jessie Move into Shanghai Disneyland!

Shanghai Disneyland's Disney Pixar Toy Story Land have some new toys taking up residency! Woody and Jessie has officially been installed at the entrances. expansion is mere months from opening up — April 26th Testing and training are currently going on to make sure the expansion is perfect before opening.[...]

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The Disney Parks Are Getting Ready For Mickey's Birthday!

On November 18th, Disney parks and stores (and fans) around the world will be celebrating Mickey Mouse's 89th birthday. Leading up to the big day, Mickey will be traveling around the world to visit his friends in Japan, Canada, Chile, China, England, and the USA. On November 15th, Mickey will once again visit his pals […]


Shanghai Disneyland Welcomes Gelatoni To Their Character Lineup!

Shanghai Disneyland has welcomed a new friend to their lineup: Gelatoni, Duffy's feline friend! For those of you not in the know, Gelatoni is described as a cool cat with a passion for painting His tail acts as his brush, and he enjoys painting his friends, various adventures, and gelato ice cream (for which he[...]

New Maui Character At Shanghai Disneyland Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

I'm actually a big fan of the character meet-and-greets at the Disney parks. The actors and actresses are all very talented and really know how to play up their characters, and for the most part, the mascot ones are not nightmare fuel. OK, so they've come a long way. But don't worry, despite how far […]