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Transformers Shattered Glass Goldbug Joins The Fight With Hasbro
Transformers fans can continue to build their Shattered Glass collection as Hasbro reveals their next figure In this alternate reality, Bumblebee fights for the evil Autobot army who has worked his way up the ranks His rise in power lead him to a new upgrade turning him into the dead Goldbug, and now he is[...]
Transformers Shattered Glass Bumblebee Debuts From threezero
The Transformers Shattered Glass Universe seems to be picking up all of its popularity lately with a new assortment of collectibles A new Shattered Glass comic is set to debut this Fall, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a new animated series or film covering the parallel story In the world of Shattered[...]
Transformers Shattered Glass Starscream Figure Debuts With Hasbro
Hasbro has revealed their next Transformers Shattered Glass figure as Starscream is here to save the day In the world of Shattered Glass, heroes and villains have swapped places creating new stories for old and new fans of the beloved franchise Starscream marks the third figure to come out of this, like with Blurr and[...]
Transformers Shattered Glass #1A Cover
The Transformers have a long, varied fictional universe with many different continuities.  However, few of those different continuities have captured fan's interest, like the alternative reality Shattered Glass.  Debuting in April 2008 at Botcon, the Transformers Shattered Glass universe was a simple idea: "On a world known as Cybertron, a ruthless and cruel tyrant prepares[...]
The Mandalorian: Ashley Eckstein congratulates Rosario Dawson on bringing Ahsoka Tano to life (Images: TWDC)
Christensen and Dawson appeared together in the 2003 biopic Shattered Glass You can check out more about how Dawson screen test as Ahsoka, getting into character, her co-stars Diana Lee Inosanto and Michael Biehn, The Child's identity in Grogu and their link, and more alongside Filoni at Vanity Fair The Mandalorian streams Fridays on Disney+. [...]