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Black Crown

Black Crown: Details On Shelly Bond's New IDW Imprint

IDW has given us some more information on Black Crown, the new Shelly Bond imprint they will be curating. The new line of books will be home to creative talents like Peter Milligan, Tess Fowler, Tini Howard, and Gilbert Hernandez. Milligan and Fowler will debut the imprints first title, Kid Lobotomy, in October. Then Howard […]

Waking Up To A Vertigo Without Shelly Bond

The news went out as most of Britain was asleep. Which means a lot of Vertigo creators have been waking up to it. Here is the reaction to Shelly Bond being "eliminated" as VP and Exec Editor at DC Comics, after working over two decades on the imprint. From the people who worked for, and […]

Shelly Bond No Longer Executive Editor Of DC Vertigo

A few hours ago, I heard that DC Comics has let go Shelly Bond, VP and Executive Editor of the Vertigo imprint. I sent a few e-mails around to my usual people, but no one was talking. I e-mailed people at DC about half an hour ago, no response. Not to me, anyway. DC Comics just released […]

Getting DC All Access At Wondercon – From Jim Lee To Shelly Bond (UPDATE)

It was a full hall shortly after the opening of Wondercon and just as DC's booth at the con is front and center, DC snagged one of the earliest opening panel times for the show as well in their "all access" approach. Panelists included DC's Co-publisher, and penciller on Superman Unchained, Jim Lee, and 3 […]

The Weekend's Gossip About DC Decision Day

This is Philip Bond's Christmas card, sent from the Bond family,  including Executive Editor of Vertigo Comics, Shelly Bond. And this is Philip's only comment on whether he expects to be moving from New Jersey to California in 2015… you could take it either way. This weekend, many comic book professionals were gossiping about what […]

DC To Pay For All Of A Retailer's Vertigo-Themed Advertising

Aaron Haaland who attended the DC Retailer Roadshow talked about this, and how Vertigo comics got him laid (but he never got his Sandman books back). He reports that Jim Lee said that the new Executive Editor, Shelly Bond taking over, and explained her attitude to the new position – she did a lot of […]

Shelly Bond Promoted To Executive Editor Of Vertigo

The conversations I had a couple of weeks ago were of the "Shelly has been waiting for this for twenty years. If Will gets it instead, there will be blood. If Mark does, nuclear fallout" variety. Well, it seems calm has been restored. DC have announced by press release that Shelly Bond has been promoted […]