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Pokémon GO Friendship Day 2021 Event Review: Solid Gameplay
This card, which was originally in the Japanese-language Shiny Star V set, never made it into the English adaptation, Shining Fates. This is because it will be the featured promo card of an upcoming product called the Pokémon TCG: Marnie Tournament Premium Collection. Marnie from Shiny Star V Credit: Pokémon TCG In Bleeding Cool's previous coverage investigating the absence of[...]
Pokémon GO Rival’s Week 2021 Event Review: New Kalos Species
Now, Shining Fates adapts the Japanese set Shiny Star V into English… but there is one major chase card from Shiny Star V that is oddly absent in Shining Fates It's the Marnie Full Art Trainer Supporter. Shiny Star V's Marnie Credit: Pokémon TCG This Marnie Full Art Trainer Supporter depicts a victorious Marnie, who was introduced in the Pokémon Sword & Shield[...]