The Ultimate Unreleased Pokémon Chase Card: Shiny Star V's Marnie

Shining Fates is one of the hottest Pokémon TCG products at a time where the card game is experiencing historic interest from collectors and investors. The set includes a standard set of Pokémon cards with a subset called the Shiny Vault, which features Shiny variants of Pokémon. Cards from the Shiny Vault are generally more valuable than cards from the standard portion of the set. For instance, the most valuable card from the Shiny Vault is Shiny Charizard VMAX which is, as of this writing, worth $311.11 USD. The most valuable card from the standard portion of the set is the Skyla Full Art Trainer Supporter, which is worth $35.69. Every other card in the standard portion of Shining Fates is currently worth under $20.00. Now, Shining Fates adapts the Japanese set Shiny Star V into English… but there is one major chase card from Shiny Star V that is oddly absent in Shining Fates. It's the Marnie Full Art Trainer Supporter.

Shiny Star V's Marnie. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Shiny Star V's Marnie. Credit: Pokémon TCG

This Marnie Full Art Trainer Supporter depicts a victorious Marnie, who was introduced in the Pokémon Sword & Shield games as a breakout character. There was another Marnie card in the Sword & Shield base set that was the chase card of the set, in both its Full Art and Rainbow Rare form. Now, this card is… quite a bit more coveted. Currently, the Japanese Marnie Full Art Trainer Supporter from Shiny Star V is varying in price, selling on eBay this week for prices going from $200 to over $300 per sale. In English, it is expected that the card would be every bit as coveted, if not more, than the Shiny Charizard VMAX which is routinely selling for less in its Japanese form.

Now… why would this be the one card that Pokémon TCG didn't release in the English-language Shining Fates set? Podcasters and YouTubers have theorized that there was fear that a set like Shining Fates with two major chase cards would make the market even more worrisome for people attempting to buy product. Others, such as content creator Randolph who runs the PokéRand store, suggested that the English-language Pokémon TCG keeps an eye on how certain Japanese cards perform, suggesting that the card will likely be released as a promo in order to sell more product. I tend to side with Randolph here, but that might be because my true hope is that the card doesn't go the way of the Full Art Trainers such as Sightseer and Roxy from the Japanese Tag Team GX All-Stars that sadly never made it to the English language TCG. Hopefully, Marnie will have her time to shine.

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