Marnie Gets A Pokémon TCG: Tournament Premium Collection

We finally know where the mysteriously missing Marnie Full Art card will turn up. This card, which was originally in the Japanese-language Shiny Star V set, never made it into the English adaptation, Shining Fates. This is because it will be the featured promo card of an upcoming product called the Pokémon TCG: Marnie Tournament Premium Collection.

Marnie from Shiny Star V. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Marnie from Shiny Star V. Credit: Pokémon TCG

In Bleeding Cool's previous coverage investigating the absence of this card, which is a highly desired entry in Shining Fates, I wrote:

Now… why would this be the one card that Pokémon TCG didn't release in the English-language Shining Fates set? Podcasters and YouTubers have theorized that there was fear that a set like Shining Fates with two major chase cards would make the market even more worrisome for people attempting to buy product. Others, such as content creator Randolph who runs the PokéRand store, suggested that the English-language Pokémon TCG keeps an eye on how certain Japanese cards perform, suggesting that the card will likely be released as a promo in order to sell more product. I tend to side with Randolph here, but that might be because my true hope is that the card doesn't go the way of the Full Art Trainers such as Sightseer and Roxy from the Japanese Tag Team GX All-Stars that sadly never made it to the English language TCG. Hopefully, Marnie will have her time to shine.

Well, Marnie now does indeed have her chance to shine. Now, there is an image of the box floating around, but we cannot confirm that this is a legitimate image. The image shows the box with only packs of Chilling Reign, the upcoming Sword & Shield expansion set to release in June 2021. However, keep in mind that when boxes like this come out for standard expansions, they aren't treated the same way as special sets. For example, a special set product like the Shining Fates Premium Collection has only packs of Shining Fates rather than multiple sets. When Battle Style was released though, that is a standard expansion and its products had two Battle Styles packs and then two other packs from recent sets. Personally, I believe we're more likely to see the Marnie Tournament Premium Collection feature multiple different sets, which contradicts the unconfirmed pictured on social media. Also, this box is set to release in August, a full two months after Chilling Reign debuts.

However it goes down, it's terrific to see this card make its way into the English-language Pokémon TCG in a way where it will be a guaranteed addition to the collection of any players who obtain the box. If it had indeed been in packs of Shining Fates, it is expected, based on the value of the Japanese version, that it would match the Shiny Charizard VMAX in value. Now, thankfully, this is something we'll all be able to own… as long as we can find it in-store. Please bless us, Pokémon TCG gods.

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