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Increased Driver Wages & Customs Congestion Affect Comics Distribution
But they also wanted to emphasise shipping issues as well, both inside the USA and globally Many American comics publishers print books, especially high-end books, in East Asia, as well as using domestic or Canadian printers But getting comics out there in any fashion is becoming an increasing problem Here's the view from one printer[...]
Brew By Pandasaurus Games Is Experiencing Further Shipping Delays
Pandasaurus Games, renowned tabletop gaming company known for board games like Umbra Via and Brew, has announced today that the latter game, which has experienced many pitfalls and delays in the past short while, is experiencing yet another delay in shipping At this time, the copies of the game are in the Los Angeles port and is[...]
tumblr top ships
As you may have noticed by a doddering New York Times article trying to explain the concept of shipping to its aging readership like Mark Waid writing a Champions comic, Tumblr has released its list of the top ships of 2017, based on the number of posts about them on the popular social media platform[...]
Explaining To Kyle Higgins What Shipping Means At The Boom Panel At WonderCon
Sam Humphries asked if everyone in the audience knew what shipping was so that he could use that to explain Jonesy's powers and not have to give a half hour TED talk about shipping. Kyle Higgins genuinely did not know what shipping was. Jackson: "I ship me and Collin." … They would make an adorable couple[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks
Here's a look at what you can expect to find in your comic shop next week. Although we're not too sure about Lord Of The Jungle making it to the UK...
Avengers Trailer – Let The Shipping Begin
Breaking News." – Without Irony by tsukinofaerii   Shipping characters into slash fiction has been around for… let's go with "a while" shall we From Victorian pamphlets to Tijuana Bibles and whole lot of people started writing fan fiction around Captain Kirk and Spock Male leads in popular entertainment in strong relationships, it was only natural that[...]
Comic Shipping To Hardly Skip A Beat Through Christmas And New Year
But the day early shipping continues to reap rewards in that regards. As Christmas Day and New Year's Day both land on a Sunday, US and Canadian comic shops will reveive their comics a day late on the Wednesday after Christmas,  though there may be further delays because of increased airport activity for international comic shops[...]
A Comic Show – Zoophilia, Blair Butler And Nasty Nick Spencer
This week sees Aaron and Anna of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida (hey, weren't we just talking about them?) focus on indie comics shipping tomorrow with Our Love Is Real, Heart, The Last Of The Greats, Infinite Vacation and Crossed Psychopath taking their attention (what no Ganges, Aaron and Anna?) Then it's time to turn[...]